A Glass Half Full.

My favorite drink is a Bloody Mary with all the fixings.  I rotate my mouth along the rim of the glass each time I take a sip just to get the full, blended taste of the old bay seasoning and the tomato juice.  My fridge is usually stocked with pickles, pickled green beans, and olives for a quick fix.  And of course I always keep vodka in the house.

You taught me that much.

At a bar, I like to order a Whiskey Ginger but lately I’ve been doing a shot of Jameson on the side of an IPA.  I enjoy a hoppy beer and whiskey makes me feel bulletproof.  I’ve been trying to get into scotch but as my good friend Erin always says, “It tastes like Titanic.”

I’d like to say you’d like Erin, but you don’t even like me.

Of all the drinks any bar or club or my kitchen liquor cabinet could offer, it’s not the drinking of the drink that I relish most.  My all-time favorite thing to do is to leave a drink behind.  I love leaving a glass half-full.

It’s not a great drinking-on-a-budget practice, but it’s a significant victory for me.

When I drink a glass of water in between drinks of alcohol: Score 1.

When I recognize that I’ve had enough to drink in a night before the night is over: Score 10.

When I leave a glass half full: Score 1,000.

I love having a taste of a beer, a sip of wine, or just being able to admire a well-crafted drink.  I love being able to know my boundaries that I set up over the course of several years of binge drinking in high school and college.  I love that I learned something that you never thought to teach me.

You know there’s an endless list of things you never thought to teach me.

And most of all, I love being able to point out our drinking differences because I’ve broken the vicious cycle that has nearly drowned our family tree.


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