Fighting for Mom.

Deep breath in, deep breath out.

We found you a new apartment.

We’re putting a deposit down tomorrow.

And for the first time in your life, you’re going to have a place of your own.

It was only two weeks ago that I had mapped out a few locations for us to take a look at.  I printed the apartment applications off the internet for you to fill them out in advance.  You had a couple of recommendations from your coworkers.  We spent a day touring properties and planning your commute.  When we picked the place you couldn’t get your mind off of, we went to the leasing office to hand in your application.

The problem was: you had been out of work for weeks.

Blame: Dead Ed, Seizure One, Seizure Two.

The leasing agent explained that no matter what the circumstances, you needed proof of income.  Without it, there would be no point in submitting an application.  You would need a cosigner.

We both deflated.

You grew quiet and I thanked the agent for her time.  We left the office and I began working out the next plan of attack in my head while we walked to my car.  You slid your sunglasses over your eyes and you began to sniffle.

You felt defeated.

What you didn’t realize about me is I’m scrappy and I don’t give up without a fight.  A friend once said to me, “You know all this stuff because you’ve had to go through it on your own.”

Which is partially thanks to you.

As we sat in my car, I grabbed a tissue box from behind your seat.  I pulled out a couple of Kleenex for you and said, “You can feel sorry for yourself right now, but we’re going to figure something out.  If I have to, I can co-sign the lease.  I’m not letting you stay in that hoarder apartment for another month.”

In between sniffles you said, “That’s something I should be doing for you.”

“Well, we’re here now,” I said as I put the car into reverse and turned onto the road.  “And I promise you everything is going to be fine.”

After I dropped you off, I called Dave to give him the updates.  He said that together we’d do whatever it took to get you back on your feet.  He called the leasing agent himself and even offered to co-sign your lease for you.

I can’t say I love him enough.

In the days after our bump in the road, I compiled all the paperwork to co-sign your lease.  I printed my pay stubs and scanned my drivers license.  I spent an hour at the Social Security Office just in case they required a copy of my social security card that I lost years ago (Whoops).  I called you for clarification as I entered every line of the application online.  I taught you how to send a photo of your ID card through text message.

I phoned the leasing agent dozens of times to check that she received our application and the additional documents we had to submit.  I spent the rest of the week trying to distract myself.  But in case we hit another road block, I plotted Plan B, Plan C and Plan D.

Deep breath in, deep breath out.

And today your application was approved.

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