Podcast Recording Starts This Week!

This week I will begin recording my podcast.

With this blog, I’ve wanted to share a personal take on a major issue that has spilled into every facet of my life.  My mother’s addiction coupled with my major depression led me to make poor decisions when I was feeling worthless and reckless.  Feeling abandoned by all who were supposed to care for me, I hit a wall.  Ultimately, my past was a series of unfortunate events that pushed me to attempt to take my own life at a young age.

I want to say that after that moment of despair behind me, I got the help I needed and everything was fine.  But we all know that, that is rarely the case.

After years of self loathing and self harming through destructive choices, a miracle happened.  I learned I could get better, but only if I actively chose to be.

I learned to love myself.  

That’s what my next venture is all about.  The struggle we face in the community of mental health and well-being.

The daily highs and devastating lows.

The sleepless nights and tough-to-rise mornings.

The relapses and recoveries.

It’s a journey that I’m thankful to be on and I’m excited to be sharing the personal stories I gather with you all.

So grab your therapy animal and stay tuned!

If you are interested in being showcased in my podcast, please reach out to me through the contact page or direct message me on my personal Instagram account @caseythere.

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