A Habit of Saving.

I was walking Lucky the other day.  She’s an ancient, black Labrador with a bum leg and bad hips.  She’s Dave’s childhood dog and we’ve taken her in for her golden years.

She’s a painfully slow walker, but we enjoy the outdoors together.

I decided to take our walk the long way around the parking lot behind our building.  We stopped multiple times for her to explore the trees along a ravine.  I try to push her distance-wise and she will try to push me patience-wise.

Regardless, she can always use the exercise. 

Lucky was taking a long time sniffing around a tree when I began to hear a meow from a path that led down into the ravine’s creek.  I walked closer to the meow, asked Lucky her opinion of the meow, and suddenly an orange Persian cat appeared.

He was meowing for help.

From the look of him, he had been out in the woods for a while.  He was bony, had matted fur, and had a sniffle.  I tied Lucky to a tree as the orange cat kept meowing and coming closer to us.  I spotted a bowl of frozen water and tried my best to get him to drink the melted ice.

He was starving and kept meowing for help.

I looked into his big eyes and I promised him I would come back, that I wouldn’t leave him like that.  Then I untied Lucky from the tree, went back to our apartment as fast as she allowed, and grabbed some wet and dry cat food for the Persian.

All that talk and I forgot ask the Persian what he prefered.

I called Dave while I went back with the food and we worked out a plan with the local animal shelter.  We would lure the cat into a carrier since he was friendly enough and we would bring him in ourselves.  When the woman who worked at the shelter saw him, she fell in love instantly.

She had a soft spot for Persians.

A couple of days after we dropped him off, I called the shelter to check on his progress.  The same woman we dropped him off with said she stayed late that day to spend more time with him while he purred and curled into her lap.  She told me she was planning on fostering him once he finished his antibiotics.  And she said she was thinking of adopting him herself.

We saved him.

Now whenever it rains or snows or is unbearably cold outside, I think about that Persian.  And after rescuing that cat with Dave, I couldn’t help but think of you.

Afterall, I got my love of animals from you.

More than that, it made me think of this past Christmas.  Dave and I had come by your apartment for dinner a couple of days after the holiday.  We exchanged small gifts after we had Italian take-out.

Besides the gifts, you gave us a Christmas card.  I didn’t open the envelope until Dave and I got back into his car.  You had demanded we let you repay us, so I figured it would have been some cash for moving you into your apartment this past summer.

The card was a generic holiday card and inside was the expected cash, but what surprised me was what you wrote inside the card.

You wrote simply, “Thank you for saving me.”

And that was it.

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