If you or someone you know is struggling with an addiction, there are ways you can seek help.

For me, I find researching a topic to death helps me compartmentalize and breathe easier.  An excellent website that has been enlightening for me is’s segment on Adult Children of Alcoholics connected a number of dots for me.  The site pointed out a mind-blowing fact from the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry: Twenty percent of American adults lived with a family member suffering from alcoholism during their childhood.

Adult children battle anxiety, anger and hostility, and low self-esteem. These adults have trust issues, harbor guilt and often experience depression. They become uneasy with strangers and fearful of authority figures, such as police officers.


They fail to learn to deal effectively with their negative emotions and those of others. Their tumultuous upbringing often affects friendships, marriages and relationships with their own children.

Ring a ding ding, right?

As another adult child of an alcoholic wrote on the site, “I want [adult children of alcoholics] to know that if they’re unhappy, if they don’t have self-esteem, if they don’t feel good about themselves, if they’re constantly putting themselves down, telling themselves they’re not good enough, there is help out there.”

For me, reading through similar experiences on has solidified my reasoning behind starting this blog.

We do not have to continue vicious cycles.

We are not alone.

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